Offer in Compromise Based on Doubt as to Collectability

If you owe the IRS and are unable to pay the debt in full, it might be possible to settle the debt for a lesser amount by filing an Offer in Compromise based on Doubt as to Collectability .  To qualify for this type of relief, you will need to prepare a financial statement that proves to the IRS that you cannot pay your tax debt in full.  You will do this by preparing a financial statement.  This is usually done by filling out a Form 433.  The information you provide with this Form will determine the amount that you must offer to settle your debt.  While Form 433 may seem simple, do not forget that it is designed by the IRS to ensure that they get the maximum amount of money from the taxpayer.  If you are not familiar with how this Form works, it is definitely possible to offer an amount greater than what is strictly necessary.  That is where we come in.  We will prepare the Form 433 and the request for the Offer in Compromise for you.  We will help you gather the supporting documents and incorporate them into the financial statement in a way that ensures that you submit the lowest possible offer.  We can help you save money by preparing these documents for you properly.

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