Collection Alternatives

Do you owe the IRS money for unpaid taxes?  Has the IRS sent you letters threatening to place a lien on your home or levy your bank account?  Have you been married or divorced recently, only to discover that your spouse has an enormous tax debt that you are now responsible for paying?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you.  Since 2008, many Americans have found themselves in a desperate financial situation.  The nightmare only gets worse when you find out that the IRS is attempting to collect a debt.  Fortunately for many people there is a solution.  In recognition of the times, former Commissioner  Shullman issued a policy statement in 2009 stating that the IRS would be more flexible in its approach to collecting tax debts.  Alternatives are available to those who qualify.

Has the IRS determined that you owe a tax, but you think they are wrong?  There are options available to dispute the IRS determination.  Have you been audited recently, and the IRS determined that you owe more in taxes?  We can assist you in determining whether an Audit Reconsideration might be of help in appealing the auditor’s determination.  Another option is an Offer In Compromise based on Doubt as to Liability.  With this option, you might settle the debt for a lesser amount by disputing that the tax is owed.   Both of these solutions are available only if the IRS truly made an error, and we would be happy to provide you a consultation.

Did you get married recently only to discover afterwards that your new spouse has an outstanding tax debt?  Is the IRS holding your tax refund to pay for your spouse’s debt?  If you are not truly responsible for the tax debt, we can help you file an Injured Spouse claim.  Did your spouse prepare your return and have you sign it without giving you the opportunity to review it?  You might be a candidate for an Innocent Spouse claim.   Financial disputes are pretty common between couples, but having the IRS involved in that type of dispute can add a great deal of stress to an already difficult situation.  We can help you get the IRS out of the dispute and set you on the path to resolving your financial disputes.

If you owe the proposed tax, but paying it would place you in a difficult financial situation, several options may be available.  You may qualify for a Monthly Payment Plan  that would allow you to pay your debt over time.  If you can’t pay the taxes now, because of job loss, medical emergency or certain other problems, we might be able to get the IRS to place you in Currently Non-Collectible Status (also known as CNC status).   When you are placed in CNC status, you acknowledge the debt owed the IRS, but they will not attempt to collect so long as you qualify for CNC status.  Click the link to learn more.  Finally, there is the possibility of obtaining an Offer in Compromise Based on Doubt as to Collectability or an Offer in Compromise Based on Effective Tax Administration.  Either of these two options would allow you to settle the tax debt for less than full amount if you qualify.  Contact us if you wish to see if you might be a candidate for any of these options.

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