Audit Reconsideration

Most people prepare their return using tax software or pay a tax preparer to prepare their returns.  Hardly anyone understands the complexities of the federal tax code.  For this reason, audits can be very intimidating to most people.  We can assist you with your audit by reviewing your return and explaining whatever issues the auditor is seeking to resolve.

The IRS often conducts two types of audit.  The most common is a correspondence examination.  In a correspondence audit, the IRS will send a letter to you requesting certain information.  Often these types of audits are triggered when you fail to claim income that was reported or multiple people claim the same dependent.   Often times, the first letter that you receive will propose an increase in tax and state that you have the right to dispute the changes if you wish.  The more invasive and burdensome type of audit is the field audit.  In a field audit, an IRS agent will actually perform a face-to-face interview in which they will review your prior tax return in detail and propose changes that are not supported by your documentation.  If you are being audited by correspondence or in person, we can help you.

Even if your audit has already occurred, we may be able to help.  If you disagree with the changes made during your audit, we can request audit reconsideration.   If you were recently audited and the IRS determined that you owe additional taxes, denied a credit or withheld your refund, it may still be possible to appeal the auditor’s determination if you act quickly.  If you have information that the IRS did not consider during the audit, either because you could not find it at the time or because you just couldn’t get it to them in time, audit reconsideration is possible.  For more information, please contact us.

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